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Some of the most common questions that entrepreneurs place us on

What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is the increasingly widespread process through which entrepreneurs have the opportunity to finance themselves with loans to the company to develop their project.

In exchange for loan financing, the company offers bonuses with the purchase of project products or services, or with a complimentary bonus of increased funding that has been made to the company.

What’s LandStarts?

We are a crowdfunding portal that allows entrepreneurs to find investments around the world.

Landstarts helps start-ups / PMIs from drafting their business plan up to the completion of financing, lending to the company in order to be able to develop each project.

Why choose to raise capital with equity crowdfunding?

In a reality to have the access for the credit is getting harder, crowdfunding could be yours solution to start your idea.

It is a financing process, “collective” loan, “from below”: through online sharing of business projects funds are collected for their realization. It consists of every person going to carry out a financing operation, lending to the company so that the company can start developing the project with the participation of several people who contribute financially to the realization of your idea by becoming affiliates of the same company.

What is the budget limit that may be required?

Up to 4.999.999,99 € can be requested.

Indicatively, depending on your projects, we recommend different levels of demand:

At start-ups we have just begun to request from € 20,000 to € 100,000

Starting / PMIs that are already billing we recommend asking from € 100,000 to € 500,000

Startup / PMIs that are already in the process of accelerating growth may also require more than € 500,000.

Which types of projects can be presented?

There are no limitations as to the area of ​​projects to be proposed: all your ideas will be evaluated, while taking into account any moral or ethical limits.

What is meant by “pre-money valuation” and how do I calculate it?

The valuing item (premoney) indicates 100% of the company’s value at the time of collecting capital on CrowdFundMe. “Valuation” consists in the process of determining the present value of the company and the equity that it decides to make available to investors. The more the valuation will be correct and a “good deal”, the more investments will be: an overly high valuation could discourage and lead to the loss of an investment.

There are more quantitative and qualitative methods for assessing societies, however, it is more of an art than of a science: the important thing is that it must be sufficiently low to justify the risk that investors are taking. To get an idea of ​​how other companies have determined this value, you can view projects that are running or concluded on our portal.

How detailed is the description of my project?

The project must be explained in detail and the idea must be clear and immediately understandable for investors. We therefore ask you to tell the story of your idea, the results achieved so far and add a precise description of how you expect the business to grow. It is crucial that investors understand who the team is, the foundation on which startup / PMI is based and, above all, how they are evaluated to turn your idea into a successful case.

Is there a risk that my project may be plagiarized?

This risk, albeit low, must always be considered. But every investor, however conscious of the strength of his idea, prefers to share the risk with others, thus investing fewer capital in more projects. Not only is it the fundamental requirement of any project that, to be published, needs to be well-drafted in all its parts, creates for the entrepreneur a competitive advantage and know how that can hardly be copied.

Will all web users see my project or can I restrict publication to a group of private users?

Content published under the "Idea" menu item will be visible to all web users, while those under other items will only be visible to registered users.

If I reach my initial goal, can I continue the campaign and raise additional funds?

Of course! If the project collects all the capital (objective) within the predetermined period, the entrepreneur may choose to continue the campaign and raise additional funds: overfunding.

When a startup decides to accept overfunding funds (up to a maximum threshold when capital increases), it decides to surrender more equity. Overfunding increases the post-cash value of startup / PMI (because it will have more liquidity at its disposal), but also wants to say that the percentage of equity that each investor receives will be reduced.

How much does it cost to put my idea on Landstarts?

The project’s publication on the portal is completely free.

Landstarts will hold a commission of 10% at the time of financing, loan to the company.

In this way, the customer sees in his account the deposit by removing the 10% commission that goes to the company for cost management.

Landstarts has developed an excellent compensation plan where the affiliate via its affiliate link will receive 7% of the loan, loan that the customer has made to the company to develop the chosen project. The payment is credited within 24 hours to your personal back office and you can reinvest it into projects or make a withdrawal request in your bank account.